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Neutron GTX 120GB firmware update failded


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I have a Neutron GTX 120GB SSD that has been running fine

for several months running Windows 7


its hooked to a P8Z68-V Pro / Gen3 motherboard


last night after looking at the forum I saw where the Toolbox

would show a update where the forum ""Sticky"" shows no update

available for Neutron SSD's--


using the Toolbox SSD firmware updater--

showed M206 to M208 available---

the progress bar went about 75% & then stopped--

hung up & then failed-- computer was then unresponsive

no choice but to force restart


I thought I had bricked my SSD--

upon restart-- SSD was not detected by either BIOS or

Windows installation disk--

after doing some reading--found mention of totally removing power

cable to computer for 1 minute--

upon reinserting power cable & starting computer--

windows 7 came up & asked if I wanted to start in Safe Mode or normal--

so loosing power for a minute has fixed what ever went wrong-

Toolbox shows Firmware as M206 as like before the failed update--

so I was extremely lucky--

What did I do wrong & should I take a chance again on trying to

update firmware again ???

has been in achi mode since computer was built--SATA cable in

first data port --

suggestions ???

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