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XMP Profile causing crashes after booting


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Hi there,


I am having issues getting XMP profile to be functional. When I set XMP profile 1 the computer crashes almost immediately after logging in to windows.


I tried setting XMP off and manually setting the RAM to 1600mhz and it was ok for a while but then I started to get the BSOD error: "DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL" :confused:


I have a feeling it is down to compatibility with my mobo or possibly the RAM is overheating.


Here are my BIOS with XMP enabled and disabled: http://imgur.com/a/QCTOR#0


I would really appreciate it if someone could assist me with this issue. thanks.

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make sure you have the latest bios then

try resetting bios to defaults and post the MEM and SPD tabs of CPU-Z please.

N/M, just saw your CPU has a max memory speed of 1066. doubling the speed will be almost impossible. you will be lucky if you can get it to run at 1333 stable much less 2000+

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2000 is NOT a stock speed, its a HUGE overclock for your CPU. 1066 is the stock speed.

won't matter, you are trying to fit a size 13 foot into a size 7 shoe. your CPU is the bottleneck.

boot to default speed then post the SPD tab of CPU-Z. then we can see the timings for 1333 and then manually set those in the BIOS. it would still be a 33% overclock which is still pretty darn good.

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Hi Synthohol,


Thanks for the reply and assistance


You keep reiterating that my CPU isn't capable but I don't see how that can be the case. I've researched further on many forums and they all seem to say that I can achieve higher frequencies with i7 960.


So anyway, I decided to try and alter the settings manually.


I went into BIOS and changed timings to 8-9-8-24(2n).


I then upped the dram bus voltage to 1.65v.


I changed the dram frequency to 1866mhz.


I then tested with memtest86+ and had two passes with no errors. So far things seem to be functioning correctly.


Here is SPD and memory tabs with new settings in place.





Does this look OK to you?

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