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Can I use this memory? I hope so...


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I have a failing board with 24GB of Dominator 1600 (via 4 sticks of 8GB)

CMP12GX3M3A1600C9 memory.


I want to upgrade to an Asus Sabertooth X79. This memory doesn't show up on the compatible page, but very comparable RAM in the same series does. Can I use this RAM in this board?


Thanks for the help!

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No, that would not be compatible. That is a triple channel kit meant for first gen I series zCPU's and MB's. Those are also 1.65v sticks and with your new MB you want 1.5v sticks.



I would look at the Vengeance line, Dominator platinum, or Vengeance pro dual channel kits (either 2 or 4 sticks)that are rated at 1.5v and uses XMP versin 1.3.

or you can look up your MB in Corsair's memory finder for a complete list of compatible kits..


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