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Dongle Light Flashing Orange


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Can anyone tell me what it means when the dongle led flashes orange?


It is green for about 4 or 5 seconds then flashes orange for one second then the cycle repeats.


I have an AX860I and it's been installed for 4 days.


Just noticed that the Link Software shows my PSU as an AX760I !!!!!. The physical PSU says AX860I. What's going on? I hope it's just the software and/or the dongle playing up.

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Thanks very much for the replies.


This PSU is installed into my first completely new build so I'm probably finding things that are normally sorted by the person who sells computers already assembled. That said, I've rebuilt various rigs so I'm not a complete novice. However, I am new to this product and the link software. When I launch the link software it shows various settings and data so I would say it's working.


My concern now is that it shows AX760I on the displays instead of AX860I. I noticed that I could edit parts of the display to show the correct PSU name. Is this simply the default name that I need to change manually the same as I had to change the ram settings from its default to get the proper speed setting? I've attached a snapshot to show what I mean.




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