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Corsair K90 Spacebar Squeak + more


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I bought a corsair K90 3 days ago and I have had some problems/issues with it.


1: My biggest concern is when i am not typing and hitting the space bar (When i am playing a game and just pressing it, not hitting it) it produces quite a loud squeaking noise.


2: Alot of my keys are very dim, ranging from ESC to F12 and from PrtScn to Page Down, the keys are very dim compared to the rest of the keys also the brightness adjust key is very dim too.


The keys look particularly dim when i am sitting and not looking at the keyboard itself top down.


EDIT: Is a key puller meant to be included too? I think i got a bad one from PCWorld as alot more people have had a good experience and have not had these problems.


EDIT 2: Here is a recording of the sound my microphone is not too good so it is alot quieter in the video than it actually is! Corsair K90 Squeaky Spacebar

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No dust or any dirt under there from what i have seen the cherry stabilizers are making the squeaking noise, tried fiddling with it slightly but did not want to break it any further so i guess i'll have to go get another from PCWorld? D:
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