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BSODs Force 3 SSD + Updater cannot find drive


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Hi All.


I've been experiencing some errors with my Force 3 SSD pretty much from day 1 of buying it (12+ months ago). Mainly just the BSODs and some freezes that I have been getting. These were a minor irritation as hell what did it matter if it crashed when it was back up and running in under 30 seconds BUT they have been getting on my nerves. I sort of just accepted that was just the standard.


I have now gotten over the irritation and am trying to fix the issue. I read up on the BSODs that I was recieving (F4 and 7A) and most of the results lead to the conclusion that the error was due to my drive not being in AHCI. I again researched and found that by changing some registry lines and then changing the bios the OS would then run the drive in AHCI.


It has not resolved the issue and is continuing to have the same issues as before. I put the 'fix BSODs' mission on the backburner for a few more months due to work commitments. After a while I purchased a new graphics card and took the opportunity while doing so to freshly install Windows (note that I did not do a Securewipe or whatever its called). This new install took place (again) on my SSD but it was most definitely setup in AHCI.


I have attempted to use the Updater Tool to update the drive but the drive doesnt appear after searching is complete.


Any help would be appreciated as I have gotten rather tired of this particular issue.


P.S. sorry for my life story


EDIT: I Changed the cabling around in my pc and when I booted I noticed a remarkable difference in speed + suddenly the updater found the SSD. Perhaps the port I was plugged into wasnt suitable. ( I think it was SATA 3). Hopefully will also see no more BSODs

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when plugged into my intel ports (ich10r) i cannot update firmware to 2.4,


I just put the latest sata drivers on, other utilities can read smart data etc from the drives with no problem, corsair utility cannot even detect a drive


nice work, dev team. well played




(i've read this story one too many times for comfort now)


cya corsair, it was nice knowing you.


edit: just ran crystal disk info, drives showing 94%/95% health which I assume I can trust,


Running FW 1.1 is pretty lame.


I have a ..


P35 chipset


X78 chipset


x58 chipset (current pc, can't fw update)


G35 chipset


Are any of these GUARANTEED to run the update?


I am going to turn PC off, remove drives, update firmware, and hope to god the raid-0 array lives on.


On a positive note, I get speeds ~ 550 mb /sec read/write on these still

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