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TX750m buzzing/whinning when mouse moving and ssd is accessed


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Like numerous users on this forum I am too experiencing wierd noises from PSU when I move my mouse, I type, or when ssd is accessed.

I tried usual troubleshooting (changed USB ports, disabled power saving options) but it did not resolve anything (when disabling Intel speedstep technology it actualy was worse than before).

I guess RMA is my only option, but I do have a problem with it. The computer I am using is my workstation and I cannot afford to be without PSU for days or weeks, and dont want have a budget to buy a new PSU just for the time being.

Is there a solution to this problem?


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Just fill out the online RMA form to request an RMA. Once you receive that RMA number you can call CS and request an advanced RMA. But you will need to call them for CC security reasons.


If you happen to be outside the US You can instal and use SKYPE to make the call to the toll free number for nothing.


You can find the toll free number on the main website page at the bottom under contact.

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