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Considering a 600t, 240mm rad support question


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Hi Guys,


Recently I've been interested in buying a corsair 600t case with the mesh side window, the black edition obviously. Anyway, I have never done a watercooling system before, but I'm doing my research and Id like to put together a beginners custom loop in one of these things. I am not looking for super performance but I'd like a solid performing 240mm rad with a set of fans, that'd be fine for my own needs. As long as it could keep the system cool.


I've read a couple reviews that say this case is well suited and some that say ( TTL ) this case isn't very suitable for water cooling. Basically, I'd start with just my CPU, a 240mm rad and probably a dual bay res/ pump combo, then at a lter date possibly add a gpu block and maybe a smaller res in the hd bay. This case fulfills everything I need it to do, and I'm just curious as to how it would perform with a top mounted 240mm rad. I'm obviously not talking about modding the case as at this stage I'm not comfortable cutting into my pc case, I like the idea though, that should I want a better setup in the future, I would be able to mod the 600t to suit my needs also ( I've seen quite a few people do this to support bigger and thicker rads ) .


As far as mid towers go, I see that stock water cooling is usually quite average, and I think was I going to go all out and crazy on a water loop, I'd invest in a full tower. I'm somewhat of a novice when it comes to building pcs and I will be doing extensive research and seeking help from an experienced friend when installing my watercooling kit. I was just curious to hear it straight out from people who have fitted a 240mm rad with a custom loop in the case, and not had to mod the case to fit the kit into case.


Thanks so much for reading guys!




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When all else fails...GOOGLE! :)


Theres plenty of pics of 240 rads in that case. and a wide variety of them too. So just about anything you could imagine could be seen there.

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I apologise if I wasn't clear. I did actually google it, but there was no way of saying whether it will run stock, as right away I'm not interested in modding, until maybe later.


I'm looking at using a bay res. Would you be able to tell me a good rad that would fit up in the top compartment with one set of fans?


I know that people have said these things won't fit, I saw ttl fit a h100 without modding and it looked easy, so how thick is that rad?

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