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H100 alternative Cooler (Noctua NF F12 or Noiseblocker MF 12 P)


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Hi there :)


I'm using the H100 with stock fans with an i7 3770k @ 4,5ghz 1.3V.


Cooling is greath though but loudness is to loud for me.... even on the lowest setting so I need new silent fans.


Should I take the Noctua NF F12 which seem quieter than the Noiseblocker MF 12 P?


My second question is can I run the Noctua NF F 12 directly without any problems on the h100 fan controller? Are they regulated with those 3 cooling modes? (they run with 12V on this controller right?)


Or can I use the Low Noise Adapter on the H100 that comes with the Noctua Fans?



My main goal is: good cooling and a very silent PC usage!

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You can try different fans, unfortunately a lot of third party fans will either not work correctly or run at 100% all the time.


If you can hang on Corsair has just announced that they will be releasing new PWM fans for those units effected by the noise and you will be able to get them replaced.


Originally posted by RamGuy

I'd recommend that you hang on to your cooler right now and connect them directly to you MB in the meantime to avoid the noise. We will be release a fix for this issue and it'll be a new set of PWM fans. They are going to be available soon.


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