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K90 - brick after FW update


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Hello guys,


I downloaded the newest firmware/drivers for my K90 keyboard and installed them.


After updating the drivers successfully, my keyboard completely stopped working. I thought a reboot may have been required so I rebooted my PC. It still did not light up or function whatsoever.


I looked in Device manager and couldn't find it, and when I unplugged/plugged it back up nothing changed/updated. I also looked in Devices & Printers and it didn't appear there either.


I tried every single USB port on my PC (I also tried my other PC, didn't light up or appear on device maanger / devices and printer either) and none of them worked, I tried updating via firmware for every USB port 3 times and it didn't work.


I also tried every step on this thread:



Didn't make any difference, still no luck.


OS: Windows 8 Pro 64bit

Other PC os: Windows 7 64bit


I'm confused as to how a firmware update can render the device completely unusuable, I've seen routers do this before but they can be recovered via a reset button.. Is there no reset button or method impleneted into the keyboard or did the developers think this type of thing would be impossible to do? (completely breaking your keyboard via FW update)

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If you had recently purchased the K90, contact your seller and ask if they can replace it for you. If not, request an RMA.


No other possible solutions/tips other than RMA?


If not, that's disappointing.. How long do you think it will take to get it back?

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I also purchased a K90 last week. I got exactly the same issues as you, my keyboard is bricked after installing the 1.19 firmware. I already contacted my seller, as there is no other options but to replace it. Opfully I can get another one by the end of next week.


It's pretty sad that an official software may brick a expensive device like this, but i'll stick with it. It's still the best choice of mechanical gaming keyboard for my needs.


Hope you will be able to replace yours as well.

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