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PC does not boot after inserting memory


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After inserting 2 new 4 GB Corsair RAM (CMX3X8GSDKIT1066, DDR3 SODIMM 1066 CL9 Kit2) in my HP laptop (Pavillion DV6-2140EF) installed with Windows 7 Pro, the PC won't boot. It always cycles back to the "Start PC normally" or "Repair PC", whatever option I choose. When I go in the BIOS screens (Esc while booting), the 8 GB memory shows up and the memory test is PASSED.


When I put back the previously installed memory (2 * 2GB memory modules, part 579155-001, PC3, 1066-MHz FSB), everything starts well.


Is there a way to make these new memories work fine with my PC?




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