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Problem h100 help!


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first I apologize for my translator,


h100 buy corsair today to unbox saw this battered nose that can be so severe a test hise hehco but I see no signs of water or something similar but you that think Nose.


another thing is that when you press the button pump the fans continue at the same rate of speed test clarified that I did outside the processor


also if anyone can explain me if the pump button controls the fan so the heat does not detect


I thank you very much any comment will be helpful =)


same imag







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The fan speeds will not change no matter what profile you have selected UNTILL it reaches a predetermined temperature. To add to this, the fans only increase a couple of hundred RPM's and may be hard to hear change speed.


As far as the damage goes, i would have that one replaced just to be on the safe side. If you can exchange it with your reseller that would be the fastest way. If you can not, you can RMA through Corsair.

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