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H80 Temp spike of 110


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I have connected a H80 and have been achieving an idle temp of approx 19C and under load 24C. But on 5 succesive times I am managing to get a temperture spike of 110C(I am using Asus Probe 2 and Speedfan at the same time). I have ensured the heatsink is corectly seated twice and have replaced the thermal compound. Their are no kinks or crimps in the tubing and the molex is connected to the PSU also hooked up are the 2 fans to the hydro with the third connection next to the molex connected to CPU fan pins. All connects have been replugged 3 times.


Have I overlooked anything?

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I trawled the net and found this:-




It appears to be a common bios issue with the P5Q-e board. The thread describes a false reading that can be temporarily cured by changing setting in Speedfan. I have since updated to the latest bios and will see how it goes.


I had not overclocked and temperatures would return to normal on immediate reboot. Peanutz94 I was thinking the same as you as surely the heat wouldn't have dissipated so quickly on reboot if the CPU had managed to reach 110C.

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