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Corsair performance 3 windows 7 pro freezes


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Hello, I previously posted in this thread




Fry's replaced it with a new drive and it appeared to work well for a couple weeks until a couple seemingly random blue screens appeared. I haven't had straight bluescreens since, however the system frequently grinds to halt and forces a reboot. Random windows processes seem to be corrupted in the process. Since then, I have reinstalled the OS, reset the BIOS(and set to AHCI mode), pulled all drives other than the SSD, and turned off power management for the disks, yet windows 7 pro still freezes. Checking the event log, a common error at the start of the list of problems right before the freeze is


Event ID 11

The driver detected a controller error on \Device\Ide\IdePort4.



It is currently in SATA port 4, where I moved it to from port 0 that had the same problem to see if it helped.


Any ideas? Thanks

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I recently got a new mobo - Gigabyte 970A-UD3 Rev 1.1 and the drive froze on the Windows 7 installation screen when I attempted to format it. After a reboot, it showed as formatted yet froze on 0% install and would not continue.


Prior to the new mobo, the problems worsened and when trying to do tasks such as transfering a large, 11 GB, folder to a backup drive, it would freeze or go straight into a reboot shortly after the transfer started. It would also go freeze or go straight to a reboot within 20min of the system being on, even after disconnecting all other peripherals.

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