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700D/800D side bulge - AX cable connector?


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A while back, I posted this thread, in which I stated that the thick main power cable from an AX 850 PSU was causing the Corsair 700D right side case cover to bulge. http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=99479&highlight=bulge


Today, I was adding a drive, so I had to add a SATA data cable and rearrange a SATA drive power connector on the right side, "underneath" the motherboard. After I closed up the case, the bulge was much worse. So now I'm thinking that the panel bulges out because of the size of the SATA power connectors, which lie perpendicular to the case side panel.


Any suggestions on how to address this issue, short of breaking off the connectors. :roll:

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