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Hey there everyone, I am an SSD noob so please bare with me. I installed windows and everything seems like it is running okay, but I ran this crystal disk benchmark and it seems my speeds may be a bit too slow:




I checked newegg.com:




It said my SSD should be 555 MB/s read and 505 MB/s write. The 451 MB/s from the benchmark above seems acceptable, but what happened to the write speed? Shouldn't it be much higher than 139 MB/s? I also checked with the crystal disk info tool that my firmware version is 1.3.3, which I believe is the latest version correct?


Also, is there anything else I need to do with my drive in Windows? Am I missing something else? You can check out my specs in my profile. For example, I have a P8Z68-V motherboard. Thank you.

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I got version 2.46 from techpowerup. I hope that is the latest version. Here's what it looks like after running:




It seems that I get around 550 and 505 at the end, but I am not sure aobut the other readings. Is this normal for the SSD I have purchased? Am I in the clear in terms of performance or are there issues with the speeds I should be getting?

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Looks fine, nothing to worry about!


Whew, well that's a relief. What was up with the Crystal Disk benchmark though? Is it suppose to be off like that or something? I am just a bit confused as to which one to believe. Right now I am leaning towards ATTO, but I'm not sure.

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