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First SSD, new install


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Hi there, I am a noob to SSDs. And I wanna make sure that Im gonna be installing everything correctly. I have a Asus P7p55d Deluxe Mobo, and I was wondering if I should be hooking up the Force 3 90GB SSD to my JMicron® JMB363 sata port or just to the standard sata ports on the Mobo. Both, from what I gather, are 3gig speeds. I see people saying to hook up to one and the other. Which is best?


I will be hooking up 3 more HDS for storage ( non-SSD ), and do not want to raid. the other HDs have stuff already stored on them and do not want to lose any data. Was wondering if I hook up my new SSD to the standard port and change them over from IDE to AHCI will my other hard drives be able to run after this change is made, without formatting them.



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