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corsair vengeance 1100 // rma problems


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hi guys, i was finally about to register to this site after having registration problems, i have a few questions


my 1 month old corsair vengeance 1100 headset has snapped, one side is cracked, the other side is completely snapped off. i thought this was pretty unacceptable since its maybe used for 1 hour per week so i decided to request an RMA for it.


i got a case number, and the corsair tech support advised me to update my information and start a RMA, however when entering in a case number it needed a password and my information is already up to date.


i was finally about to reset the password and entered it in, but it seems like it takes me back to the tech support inquiry section and not an actual RMA request


and now trying to enter the case number again it doesn't exist. what did i do wrong? and will my RMA get rejected because i dont have the original packaging anymore? i also heard that there is a recall on the 1100's, is this true?

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I'd just make a new RMA # and refer to the old case number. Don't need the original packaging. Also, if there was a recall there'd be a post / press release about it. Based upon the low amount of posts here, there's no way that's true. The forum would've blown up by now if it was.
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