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Reactor R60 - was this actually DOA?


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Hi Folks,


Back in 2010 I bought an R60. It was for my Toshiba NB200 netbook.


On power on, the system wouldn't see the drive, but after a quick power off and on again, the drive would be there and never gave any errors that I am aware of.


I have run it like this for a year, thinking that this was normal behaviour.


Now, I've moved it to a console so it is mains powered, but this odd behaviour has persisted.


I'm coming to the conclusion that the R60 might have been DOA, but not having much experience with SSD drives, I don't feel qualified to be able to come to a conclusion on my own.


Can anyone else offer an opinion here please? (I have no system in my profile because I have a number of them.)

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