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H50 low water levels?

Lord Crc

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I bought a H50 to cool my i7 860 (stock) about 2 years ago. So far I've been very satisfied with it. However lately I've been hearing a lot of sloshing sounds under load. Today I unmounted the radiator and shook it, and it sounded half full, making a lot of sloshing sounds.


I've carefully inspected the motherboard and the graphics card, and I can't see any evidence of leakage. The cooler has been mounted properly and carefully, with no sharp bends.


Under long loads my CPU temps rise to 60C, 20C ambient.


Is this to be expected? Time to get a new one? Not mad, just would like to know, so I can get a replacement before it breaks down :)


edit: I should add that I'm both gaming and rendering on this system, so it has often high load for extended periods of time (7-10 days).

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