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ID Software RAGE?

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Anyone thinking about getting the new ID Software RAGE first person shooter when it comes out next week?

Looks Interesting. Hoping to get it for my birthday Oct. 13th. :)

I been playing ID games for many years, have always enjoyed them the most.

Looks good, but was wondering what others think about this game?

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Ya can't wait to give it a try. To bad they didn't have a playable demo with this one.


Funny how you mention that. With the technology we have today you think demos would be standard protocol.


That being said, it seems the only option now is to 'pirate' the game and make sure it works before you buy it. Honestly, I probably download more torrents than demos these days. Game developers need to realize that demos are actually a great selling feature. If the demo came out a week before release and it was good, I'd preorder the game. Now, for some games, the only option is to pirate it and see if it's worth buying. :(


Anyway, hopefully Rage is good. The people on the Steam forums are really hating on it right now.

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Campaign mode:

Up to taking on the GearHeads already. Moving along pretty good.

Getting tuffer as I go along. Taking more shots to kill these Gearheads.

This game takes off kind of slow to me, but I guess that's to help out people

that haven't played this type of game. Learn as you go.

Few small fight in the start, but a lot of looking around to find people or next mission.

Not bad so far & is getting better as I get deeper into it.


Haven't tried the online mutiplayer yet. I normally finish the campaign first before moving to mutiplayer.

Actually its pretty good spite what some of the reviewers said.

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Wow I've already finish the campaign. This seem awfully short for a 3 disk DVD set.

I did play threw on normal mode, but still think it should have taken more than 20 hours to finish?

If that was all it was to it I'm disappointed it cost so much for such a short single player mode.


Heck the old Doom & Quake took longer than this to finish. Plus you wanted to play threw those again when done.

Not so sure I want to play threw Rage twice. I'd like a refund. I feel ripped off.


Guess I'll go check out the online mutiplayer mode. I sure hope its more impressing than single player.

If not I'm really going to be pissed & really want my money back, even if it was a gift. :(

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Im currently, and very very reluctantly, installing the game right now. I say reluctantly because, much to my chagrin, you must install Steam to install and play Rage. I LOATHE Steam with the fire of a bazillion suns. Once I play through Rage I will be throwing it in the garbage and uninstalling Steam.
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I dont like anything that controls how or when I install updates or games. I dont want crap like that on my computer. Its bloatware and uses up valuable system resources, lags games, and is very slow to load or install anything. The entire idea of steam is a big STEAMING pile of crap.


Played a little ways into Rage and so far its just ho-hum at best. Not impressed at all. Textures are garbage and that game is less visually impressive than games released 5 years ago. Fallout3 looks 100x better and is far more fun. Hell, I'd rather play Quake4 or Doom 3 I think. I'll play a bit more over the weekend but I dont think Im finishing this game the way Im (dis)liking it so far.

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From what I seen & played of mitiplayer/coop it sux big time.

When ordering & saw mutiplayer I thought it ment like past game.

Where you have team vs team or one man army type of games.

All I've seen for online is coop & stupid car shoot outs.

If I wanted a race game I bought one or some kind of car shooting game.

I was looking forward to some team action, if its there I haven't seen it.

Am I missing something here? Is there no team vs team shoot out mode?

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Here is my time playing Rage. Sad it was so short to finish the game in its fullest.

Actually its shorter than that, I played the ending a couple 3 times after I was already done.

About 14/15 hours of play time was all this game was good for in normal mode.



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