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HX1000 sometimes failing to boot


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When I try to start up my computer again when I just turned it off, it won't turn on (with the HX1000).


Also, when a overclock fails, the motherboard normally forces the whole system to go off, give it a few seconds and go on again by itself, telling me the overclock failed. When I put the overclock back in the BIOS with more vCore, the system needs to go off again, wait a second and go on by itself again, but with the HX1000 that doesn't work.


When I try a different PSU, a different brand ModXStream Pro 700W, the PC will go on immediately when I turned it off when I press it to go on, the HX1000 didn't.

Also when that overclock fails, with the different brand PSU it will let the PC go out, let it go on itself and tell me the overclock failed.


I first thought it was my motherboard, a Gigabyte GA-X58-UD7 rev 1.0. I then bought another GA-X58A-UD7, this time a rev 2.0 but had the same issues.


Then I found out I actually forgot to test the PSU and hooked up the different brand one. With the different brand PSU it works all correctly, but with the HX1000 it won't start up correctly most of the time.

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