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CMX4GX3M2A1600C9 dual kit issue


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i had issues with one pair of memories for a half year (random BSOD's, problem starting up etc etc), solved it by using only 2GB from the 4GB kit. Because i was curious and had some time to test why it doesn't want to work i started to play with them - and i noticed a major problem which could be a reason for this. Both memory modules are labeled as CMX4GX3M2A1600C9 (which is correct, as i bought this kit), 1600MHz, 4GB (2x2GB), 9-9-9-24, 1.65V, ver 2.3. Simply visually everything is same on both modules, including all the labels, numbers.


Except, this is not true once i start up the computer. One of them reports to BIOS and Memtest as CMX4GX3M2A1600C9, which is good. But the second one reports as CM3X2G1333C9, which could explain all my issues.


Does this happen often ? Shouldn't have been these modules tested for dual channel compatibility, and if yes how could a memory module combination like this slip through the testing procedure ?


I guess i will have to RMA the modules now, as this combination BSOD even at 1333MHz CL9 1.65V... :[pouts:

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RMA via Corsair is not needed as i can still RMA via the shop where i bought it, i am more interested how could thing like this even happen. Every label everywhere, even on module is printed correctly, only one of the modules is something completely different than it's printed on it.



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