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TR3X6G1333C9 question


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Hello everyone I just joined and I need your help.

Last year I bought these corsair ram as platinum series title.

I always used to ram into auto mode settings on the motherboard, but now I would like to enter the latencies, but I can not find on the website of my corsair ram, or better to say I find the same code (without the G) of RAM, however, in 'image are not the same ram I have. My ram has the sink gray instead on the site are blue and from what I understand the series and new classic and platinum.:[pouts:

Could someone give me an explanation.

Thanks in advance.

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You didn't find it because G isn't part of the part number and has no bearing on the specs. G = Green, or RoHS compliant (environmental thing). Also, that's an old part number and was replace with a newer one. It has no bearing on the warranty though.


Do you need any help with your memory?

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