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H50 Need new Tubes


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your choices are to either RMA the unit as im sure changing the tubes yourself will void any warranty since you dont have the machinery to it like the factory or go ahead and buy some 1/4" tubing and do it yourself and void the warranty anyway.


those tubes are heat pressed/shrunk on the nipples so it really would benefit you to just RMA the unit before it causes any damage and pop the stock cooler back on while you wait for the new one.

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btw since you voided your warranty if it ever damages your hardware from another leak you are beat. but besides that, dont forget to use distilled water and antifreeze to refill in a 90% distilled water to 10% antifreeze for best results.

i would also connect the rad last by submerging the rad and the open tube in a big bowl of the water a/f mix and plug in the pump to expel all the air and make the connection underwater so there is no air in the system.

or you can just add a reservoir to eliminate air and expand its cooling capability.

good luck

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