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600T Side Panel Replacement Spare Parts???


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So I just got the 600T. Was starting to put in parts when one of the side panels (proped up agaisnt wall) fell over onto its side, which sheared off ALL FOUR of the "stoppers" on the latches (see picture). Now the latches dont stay in properly and will not keep the side on without a lot of fiddeling and pushing.


Is it possible to buy a replacment side panel or latch?


I only had the case for less than a day and im absolutely gutted about this :[pouts:


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I just got out the hospital - i had a major asthma attack.

I'm doing fine now.


I checked my email before going to bed to rest and Corsair customer support is sending me the latches. Man, that made me smile and feel real good inside.


Man, did i feel better to read that email from them. I'm 53 years old an i missed this type of American customer service since the 1970s.


I'm not sure how much of the case is made here in the USA, but i hope the case is made here. This is America. The United States.

We did it before - and we as a people of the USA CAN DO IT AGAIN.


I'm buying another case soon for my Wife an later in the year 3 more for my file servers.


Thank you Corsair



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Glad you're feeling better.


I agree it's a great feeling when a company's customer support goes the extra mile to get you some small replacement parts. I've had the same experience from several companies recently. They gain a lot of good will for the cost of a few parts and some postage.


About Corsair products being made in America... nice to dream.

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