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Odd performance decrease on Corsair F60


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I got myself a Corsair F60 for Holidays :D, but i have a strange "problem".


When i first installed i had it on IDE mode and got mediocre benchmarks, then i reinstalled win7 with AHCI and it was much faster... The day later i benchmarked again and it was almost back to IDE speeds again.



Well i have tested with ATTO(attachment), but both AS SSD and Crystaldiskmark was good the first day but got alot worse the day after, i got approx 470 score the first day and now i get 320.. That is on AS SSD btw. I know that i should believe in ATTO but why is this happening?



Its bugging me alot! And i cant understand why, please someone give me an answer :)


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Thanks for reply!



like 4 days or so...


But i made a little breakthrough here :P


I did a secure erasing for 30 min ago, and now its back to the performance it had at best... I had 25000 points in pcmark vantage(hdd test) before the erasing and now i have 40000 points.



So i dont know why but the results are stable for now..



Do anyone have an explanation?


Edit: Yes everything in bios should be okay, running in ahci mode with standard windows 7 drivers. and have the latest FW for the SSD.

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