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Finding Comparable Memory


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Well its been a while since I built my system. So its time to upgrade.


On my old system i had these type of Memory TWINX2048-3500LLPRO




what is comparable memory to that?


i used memory configurator and got this for my core i7 870 and Evga p55 le






is that higher or lower than what i had at that time?





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Your old memory is DDR1 running at 438 MHz. That system would require DDR3 running at a much faster speed. It's a DRAMATIC increase in both speed and memory architecture.


It's like asking what current car is comparable to a Model T. In short, nothing. Why? Because anything nowadays will beat the snot out of it in first gear.


Having said that, I wouldn't recommend getting CMT8GX3M4A1866C9 since you'll have to significantly OC your system to allow the CPU to run memory at the speed the memory's rated to. I'd look for a 1600 MHz kit. It's still an OC, but it's a much simpler overclock. On most systems all you should have to do is to enable XMP in the BIOS and you'll be set to go. However, there's always that chance that it can't OC and run the memory at it's rated speed.

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