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PSU Revision info


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Can someone help me giving revision information here?

well i don't need really detailed info, i just need latest revision for corsair AX series


hope corsair rep. in here willing to share revision info

please pm me, incase its NoGood to share in forum


other than for personal knowledge

i think it help people who RMA-ing their PSU as getting newer or other revision (if available) may solve their issue


rather than RMA and got the new same revision, which may didn't solve the issue


thanks in advance

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thanks for the reply sir wired


from what i know AX750 already have 2 revision ... revision A0W and A1W

its written either on PSU or box, beside the S/N ... rev means revision right ?

i can't open the PSU to see what change as it will void the warranty (i believe my friend won't let me either)


well my friend and me using AX series, and my friend who bought AX750 earlier got rev.A0W while i buy few weeks later got A1W... i don't know what different


i only see that A0W got hologram certificate-like circle sticker on the PSU

while no sticker like that on A1W :roll:



the reason why i want to know if there any latest revision, is because my PSU also got hissing issue, while the PSU working great, it will be perfect without those hissing, as i often keep my pc working on night for rendering 3D


and i thought rather than just rma and get same product, that sometimes won't solve the issue,

maybe if there newer revision, i can ask for rma to that newer revision, and hopefully solve the hissing issue

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