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Memory recommendation for Asus Sabertooth X58?


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New to this forum, please excuse if this has already been answered. Althought I did not see it listed on all current 6 pages of posts.


I have an Asus Sabertooth x58 mb. Looking for 12GB DDR3 1600 C9 memory compatible with it. Would prefer 3 vs 6 dimms. However, X58 XMP originally stated it would work with only 1 dimm per channel. This may have changed. I also read posts that dealing with 6 vs 3 in some cases might be more work on the memory controller...


I am using this for high-end HD video editing and web site development. Not for gaming. So I think 1333 would also work just fine, but wanted the option to OC to 1600 down the road.


So, looking for X58 Sabertooth list.

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