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800D fan help


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So im doing my new computer build in the 800d , i have the h70 for my cpu cooler and im going to be getting a radeon 5970, Im wondering if someone can guide me to the best fans to get and how to place them in the case for the best airflow in this beast? much appreciated thanks for your time guys
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I am having trouble with the 800D and airflow as well. I truely believe the 800D is a water cooling case. The 140mm Intake at the bottom just does not bring in enough air to cool the case. I have 2 GTX 480s (3 but I had to remove one for cooling purposes) and that fan did nothing. I have a h50 in push/pull that occupies the the last 120mm spot on top bringing air in and 2 120mm blowing out of the top plus another 140mm blowing out of the back.


I decided to get some 151cfm Deltas and generate some airflow but that created new problems.


1. I placed a Delta on the bottom intake spot and while it brings a lot of air into the case, it overpowers the PSU exhaust fan and brings dust into the PSU and the the bottom area of the case bypassing the bottom filter.


2. I placed a delta on the back to blow air out and it overpowers the 120mm fans up top and and they are connected to a Fan controller and sometimes the Delta (connected to PSU directly) gets up to full power before the fan controller starts the other fans and they spin backwards.


I like the space of the 800D but I have not fully solved my air cooling issues. I kinda wish i went with a different case now.

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