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  1. I just purchased a Katar Pro Wireless for my laptop. It is not detected in iCue when using Bluetooth mode. Is this by design or is the mouse defective? Wireless mode is fine and mouse has been updated to latest firmware.
  2. I have been using corsair for 20 years and I have only had to RMA 1 item which was a h115i that failed after 4 years. I still have a working h50 that I bought in 2010. I did buy some RAM at a garage sale and one stick didn't work. They still replaced it for me. If its new, go exchange it or RMA and get a replacement, they will take care of it.
  3. Asus released a bios update for my x570 Crosshair viii hero that addresses a keyboard device issue... I dunno what that exactly fixes but perhaps there is an update for your prime board that might be worth looking in to
  4. The 3-pin connector plugs into your CPU fan header on the motherboard. That only provides RPM info to the motherboard so the bios knows you have a cpu "fan" otherwise the system may not boot or give you a CPU fan is missing error. You then have 2 PWM fan connectors coming off the pump which is where you will plug the 2 fans that are on the radiator. Then you have a connector that comes off the pump and plugs into a USB header on your motherboard. This has be to connected to control anything which based on your screen shots it is. Then under the settings tab in iCue, you can see if there is a firmware update for that particular device so check that and update if needed. you can also check to see if you have the latest iCue verson on that screen. If everything is hooked up correctly and you still can't control your fans, then perhaps the units is defective and needs to be replaced.
  5. I just got that mouse today. Like you, I don't like hard surfaces and the MM1000 pad is only listed as an out of stock refurb product on the Corsair site. I speculated that a newer model will be announced and available in the near future hopefully with a cloth surface and a little iCue RGB...:nodding: I am currently using my Razer Hyperflux mouse pad that has a cloth like surface and I didn't experience any issues with it so far. Hopefully that calibration worked for ya!
  6. I have an Asus x570 CH8 and Vengeance PRO RGB memory in which I installed a plug-in to allow Aura Sync to control the memory lighting. As I have aRGB fans and led strips on the motherboard headers, I do not want iCue controlling lighting on this particular system but this update completely borked it all. Will deleting this folder prevent Aura Sync from controlling the memory now? Seems short sighted not to include a way to prevent iCue from taking over the system.
  7. You would think the iCue dev team would be more proactive and have an update ready for launch. All of their AIO coolers need temp info to ramp up pump and fan RPM for effective cooling. We are already 10-days from launch and have nothing.
  8. Good! I have used Corsair for memory for every single build (personal, friends, family and occasional customer) since the late 90s. In all those years, I have had to RMA once or twice and never had an issue with the Customer Service. Glad to hear StormShadow has picked up where the great Yellowbeard left off (RIP). Unfortunately, my friend has decided he wants a 2080 Ti system so unless a One with a 2080 ti makes an appearance, I'll be building his rig for him. :veryangry
  9. I agree with you 100%. Can't have a claim of being dangerously quiet when it applies only at idle. I did watch your videos again and decided is wasn't as noisy at idle as I first thought but under load, that is ridiculous. I'd be interested in the dB levels. I build my own custom water loop rigs but I was researching for a friend. He wants a compact high-end gaming rig. He is fairly computer illiterate and will need a plug and play system so I thought the One would be perfect. I built his last computer for him which meant I was the defaulted tech support guy, a role I would have happily conferred to Corsair however, I don't think he would be happy with the noise levels the machine puts out while gaming. I think his wife plans on making this a X-mas gift so we have some time to decide on a plan. I'll check in and see if there are any developments at a later date. I hope you get this resolved!
  10. Unless that is amplified in some way, I find it to be extremely noisy at idle. Under load, that is ridiculous. Sounds like an AntMiner :biggrin: I was about to recommend this machine to a friend and came here to look for any potential issues, I am glad I did.
  11. I find this statement interesting as any computer whether prebuilt or custom built will be outdated in a few years. Just last year in June I put together a new rig with a custom water loop. It has a x99 FTW K mobo, i7-6850k, Corsair's 3200mhz 32gb Blackout SE memory and 2 EVGA 1080 Ti in SLI. It is on the verge of being outdate now with the release of Threadripper and upcoming x299 gear. in 2 years (if not less) it will be really outdated and the machine is not future proof. To upgrade a CPU, a new motherboard will likely be required and possibly memory. That alone could be over 2k depending on the level of gear purchased. I am an enthusiast so I go big in most of the time. I could possibly upgrade the graphics cards providing PCI-e is still the standard in a few years. I am already tiring of my case so that is another item to consider. $$$$$ The One is a nice computer for people who don't know how to build a machine themselves or don't want to do it anymore. If I was in the market now, that machine would be on my short list as it's components will run games at acceptable frame rates for years to come.
  12. Qqu

    Threadripper X399

    My modules are not listed on the compatibility list yet and who knows if they will be but has anyone gotten the Dominator Platinum Special Edition CMD32GX4M4C3200C14M Blackout Kit to work on any x399 mobo?
  13. There is a compatibility thread at the top of this forum. These are modules they have tested. Anything else may or may not work. Your modules are not specifically listed.
  14. Hahaha... of course I do... would have been to easy to be able to plug them into the mini commander. Thank you sir, you are always a good source of info on these forums. :D:
  15. I am researching fans for my new water loop I am putting together. I have a Commander Mini and it has 6 fan connectors that I need. My question is, will it control the RGB lights and lighting modes for the CORSAIR HD120 RGB LED fans via the CL software?
  16. I don't even see either of those in my bios, I will contact EVGA support and see what they say.. Thanks for info.
  17. Unfortunately, Corsair has been unable or unwilling to sit down and get the CL software up to date and working correctly and even more so for x99 platforms. It has been 9 months since I purchased Vengeance LED for my system and they still have not provided support for them on my EVGA X99 FTW K. As you will note from their change log, updates are slow to come. I don't even know what to think anymore, this isn't the same Corsair I remember from years past. I recently purchased a new mouse and keyboard and looked at Corsair's offerings but chose not to purchase from them due to their lack of attention to their software. In any event, it may take months if at all before you will be able to use their product as intended.
  18. EVGA X99 FTW K and CMU64GX4M4C3000C15 Vengeance LED. Ram still cannot be controlled with CL. I am dismayed at Corsairs inability to get this software up and running properly and the only one who cares is red-ray and he isn't even an employee. Is the software for your mice, keyboards and headsets like this?
  19. Do you know of any reason? Duties, shipping restrictions? I have ordered from Corsair store 4 times recently and my items were shipped from Taiwan each time and arrived at my doorstep in 2-days to the USA. I assume you have UPS or some other shipping company in Sweden..... makes no sense.
  20. I think they look great! I have kit 045 but they are all still in stock, not as hot an item as the hype made it seem.. Still hoping for an 8 stick kit in the Vengeance LED line.... 8 LEDs looked really nice....
  21. They have been available all day and as of this writing, only the 2x16gb blackout kit is sold out. I hope you got yours! I decided to pick up a 4x8gb blackout kit..... just hope the dam LEDs are static....
  22. I still do not believe that any kits sent to reviewers will count against the 500.... These are probably engineering samples or something. I would be interested in a black kit if they came in a 8 module set which it doesn't seem like it will, i'll just hope they release a 8x8gb LED kit :D
  23. I think you are making too much of it. While it clearly looks like a special edition ram stick, they may have sent them ones to have reviews ready at launch which means they may be available in the near future.
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