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CMX6GX3M311600C9 and Asus M4A89DTD PRO/USB3


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hey everyone. tough i checked list and found out that my mems are not compatible with my board ; i still have some questions if you would like to help a computer-starter.

what my computer does when i use an uncompatibile ram? my screen card driver stops working and recovers itself 3 or 4 times in a day. can rams cause that?

and should i use triple rams with that motherboard?


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in qvl list of my board there is lots of 3x2 rams tough. for exm: corsair tr3x6g1600v8d is in my qvl list.


Asus has many technical problems and in my experience they often provide poor customer technical support. I would not trust their QVL list to be accurate or up to date. They are slow to issue new BIOS to fix mobo issues also.


Corsair tests all of their memory and tells you which memory functions properly in which platforms. I would recommend that you use the proper tested and approved Corsair memory for your AMD dual channel PC if you expect reliable performance. See my AMD PC system specs. for reference.



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