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Hi all


I've been trying to set up an RMA via Tech Express but I'm having trouble with selecting the actual P/N of the module of RAM I would like to RMA. The P/N of the module is there (CM3X2G1333C9(S2) but the S2 bit on the end of the P/N is not actually present on my modules, TE then displays a message that these were purchased as single modules (I can't uncheck this part) when in fact they were purchased as a 2x2GB kit. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


The kit was purchased from Ebuyer (UK) on 6th Sept 2009 (they no longer stock the item)


The RAM was running in a Foxconn Blackops faultlessly until a couple of weeks ago when it started showing errors (random freezes in windows) That mobo has since been sold so the only board I have to test it in is the one in my specs. One module will pass any number of passes in memtest at rated voltage and timings, the second (faulty?) module won't even post - showing only a black screen.



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