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R120 misery.


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Hi all.


Obviously I've been following this forum for the last couple of months, having received my R120 and experiencing the "it's not a recognized fault yet lots of people have it" BIOS fails to detect at boot issue. I've just gritted my teeth and put up with it occasionally requiring a warm boot to get it going. For the record, it'd happen maybe 50% of 'sleeps'.


I boot it today, and the drive's corrupted beyond all hope. Safe mode fails, system restore fails, and finally chkdsk notices a huge number of somewhat important files have been corrupted. Awesome. I go back to the resellers site (As I believe I read you don't have a UK rep?) and notice it's now a discontinued line - which makes sense as I got it in a sale - a clearance sale, it appears. Not the best piece of hardware you'll ever release, eh?


So... what to do now? All advice gratefully received.


System's a Dell 1749 with the R120 and a 500GB HD secondary drive. All write-intensive things I could delegate to the HD, were. AHCI, TRIM, Win 7 x64, latest Intel drivers (as of last time I could boot - please don't ask the version as I'd really need to boot it to tell you, but it was the latest, from the Intel site, as of two weeks ago...)

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