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750hx works outside case, then I mount it, then it won't work, even after unmounted.


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Hey guys, I have a hx750w power supply that I'm using to build a new rig.




MSI Big Bang XPower mainboard

3x2GB Corsair 1600 DDR3

Corsair HX750W PSU

xfx Radeon 5850 graphics card

intel i7 930 processor


Two days ago I assembled all the components in the case, and tried to turn it on, no luck. No matter what I did, it wouldn't turn on.


So I went home and exchanged the PSU for a new one, brought it home, attached the psu, to mainboard (with CPU, graphics card, and one stick of RAM attached) and everything lit up appropriately. I then installed those components in the exact same configuration in the case, and nothing turned on turn on. I removed the components outside the case attempted to power the motherboard in the exact same configuration that had worked previously, no such luck.


The only thing I can think of is that the inch-long screws I used to mount the PSU to the case dislodged/damaged something inside the PSU, unfortunately I can't dismantle it without affecting the warranty.


Is this possible, or can anyone offer any other suggestions?


This is very frustrating. Any help with this issue is greatly appreciated.

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So I dismantled it, and sure enough one of the four screws mangled the circuitboard.


Would have been nice if the mounting screws had come in the box, or if the dimensions of the appropriate mounting screws had been in the manual, or if I hadn't been such a noob and used oversized screws.

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oh no!

you blew your warranty by taking it apart!!

the screws for the PSU are the same as for almost anything else like 1/4" long, didnt the PSU come with 4 screws? all mine do.

what possessed you to use 1" screws? i cant imagine.

now you cannot even return it :(:

i feel bad for you.

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