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CM3X2G1333C9D6 Advice Needed


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I am looking to upgrade to 12GB, but I cannot find this memory anywhere. First of all, how come this memory isn't reviewed or listed anywhere and where can I buy more?


In the BIOS, what kind of settings should I have to ensure the memory is running properly.


Also, what is the best way to test memory? I am using MemTest 86+ V 4.00.


Thank you very much for your help!

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I bought it with the custom built PC from CyberPowerPC. People from that company are total a**sholes and are telling me they no longer have it in stock and since I am out of warranty they don't even want to talk to me.


Kind of upsetting I cannot get the matching memory anywhere...


It says 1.50v on the chip 9-9-9-24. It also has like a heatsink attached to the chips. They are 3x2GB, 1333.

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Hi I'm having the same issue, and I also got my machine from CyberPowerPC but didn't even bother speaking with them as I know about their support's reputation. Anyways, I have 4GB of CM3X2G1333C9D6 and I've clocked it to 1600 (it comes clocked at 1333) and I've been having some random reboots on my machine which I think may be related but I can't prove it. Either way I'll keep tweaking some settings to see.


But I would love to know where I can get more of this model of RAM.

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