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TRIM Frequently Asked Questions


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TRIM (ATA8 ACS2 Data Set Management Trim Attribute):



What is TRIM?


The TRIM command has been designed to maintain the performance of solid-state drives at an optimal level over the course of the drive’s lifetime.



How does TRIM work?


TRIM actively deletes invalid data from the SSD’s memory cells to ensure that write operations perform consistently at full speed. Invalid data is defined as data that has been deleted by the user/host OS, but which remains physically stored on the memory cell until it is overwritten. Since a memory block must be erased before it can be re-programmed, TRIM improves performance by pro-actively erasing data blocks containing invalid data, thereby allowing the SSD to write new data to the memory without first having to perform a time-consuming erase command.



How do I enable support for TRIM?


For TRIM to function the operating system, storage drivers and solid-state drive must all support the TRIM command. Currently, only Microsoft Windows 7 operating systems support the TRIM command and only when the default Microsoft Storage Driver (MSAHCI) from Microsoft is used.

As such, TRIM is only supported in single-drive configurations, since current RAID storage drivers do not pass on the TRIM command from the operating system.



How to check if TRIM is active


To check if the TRIM command is active on your PC, start a Command Prompt window (type “CMD” in the Search bar from the Windows Start Menu) and enter the following command:


fsutil behavior query DisableDeleteNotify


If the result is “0” then the TRIM command is enabled, and if the result is “1” then the TRIM command is disabled.


Use the following command to enable TRIM:


fsutil behavior query|set DisableDeleteNotify = 0


The DisableDeleteNotify command only indicates that the operating system is passing the TRIM command on to the storage drivers. It does not indicate whether or not the storage drivers are passing the command on to the storage controller IC in the SSD, or whether the storage controller IC supports TRIM. As such, as result of “0” is not a guarantee that TRIM is functioning correctly.


To determine whether TRIM is functioning correctly, you can periodically measure the performance of your SSD using tools such as ATTO and CrystalDiskMark. If the performance of your drive is generally at the level specified on the Corsair website for your specific drive then you can be confident that TRIM is functioning.


Please note that the performance levels of all SSDs will fluctuate from the maximum due to normal usage, so you should not expect the drive to produce completely consistent benchmark numbers, or attain the maximum theoretical performance. Only a clean (Secure-Erased) SSD will deliver the absolute maximum theoretical performance figures.



TRIM Support Checklist


- Microsoft Windows 7 operating system

- SSD with TRIM-supprting Firmware

- Storage Controller configured in IDE or AHCI mode

- Microsoft Storage Driver (MSAHCI / working for IDE and AHCI mode)

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