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Computer Freezes, colored dots cover screen


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Hey, i'm having a problem where my computer freezes, well, whenever any load seems to be put on the graphics card. I'm wondering if my TX750W PSU could be behind this? I currently have to run in XP because I can't get to Windows 7's desktop (win7 desktop uses GPU to process it). In XP, whenever I open any sort of game (World of Warcraft for example) the computer freezes instantly and loads of colored dots cover the screen, as shown in the pictures I took:








I'm really not sure what this is, I haven't seen it before. Put my computer together all nice 'n new about 2 weeks ago. Been in contact with tech support at MicroCenter and BFG Tech for ~2 days with no solution, but I have narrowed it down to being either the GPU or Power Supply, although I'm not completely sure.


EDIT: Just tried something that came to my attention after running BurnInTest: I opened World of Warcraft in windowed mode.. And it runs fine. The crash occurs when I open up any game in full-screen.

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did you use the forceware drivers from nvidea or the drivers windows found?

either way all i run are the cuda drivers here and its smooth sailing.

it sure dont hurt to try :)


also if you boot into safe mode will it let you run the game to see if the erratic display happens? safe mode should only run the standard vga drivers IIRC so you can eliminate or point to a bad driver.


my AOL IM is my screenname if you want to take this to live chat? im usually around:):

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