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Proper config of wiring 2 sata devices to HX850


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Sorry for the dumb question, but this is my first build...ever :(:


I only have two sata devices in my build, the HDD and the Optical dvd burner.

For running the sata cable from the power supply to the device, is there a best practice? For example, do I use just one cable since it has 4 connections on it and use two of them, or should I use seperate cables where one device gets it's own power cable?


If I use 2 cables, it there a reason to use a particular sata connector (for example, the connector at the very end of the wire, the first connector closest to the power side, etc.


If I use 1 cable, for good cable managment, it looks like I'd use the sata connector closest to the power side for the HDD and then either the 3rd or end connector for the optical.


Thanks for helping out a functial retard...

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