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Can the HX1000 Support the New EVGA X58 in Triple SLI?


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The power supply has been running double SLI on my 780i. The new X58 board has Volterra digitial VRD for the CPU and just about every OC feature I can think of. I have 2 GTX260 cards and will shortly add a third.


The motherboard takes 2 8-pin connectors and each video card takes 2 6-pin connectors. The PSU has all the cables.


However, it seems to only have 4 8-pin plugs on the PSU (+1 8-pin CPU and 2 6+2 PCI cables). How do I plug 4 6+2 PCIe cables and 1 8 pin CPU power cable into the PSU at the same time?



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It doesn't look promising. It seems they only have 4 8-pin modular connectors. I guess they weren't envisioning a need for both.


Many will run dual GPU cards to get quad SLI/Crossfire. However, you can OC the heck out of a 260, and can't on a 295 because of heat and power limitations; 2 8pin connectors for 2 processors versus 2 6pin connectors for 1 processor.

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