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CM2x512-8500 Question moved? why?

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My question regarding what IC type the CM2x512-8500 (1GB kit) use has been moved to the end of the DDR2 IC enquiry list, despite the fact no one ever posts there because it is a sticky. The ram model is not listed on the DDR2 IC list, so that will need to be updated, hence my question. Can someone please move my post to the appropriate section so that i can maybe get my question answered?
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That IS the correct section. As it says at the top of that thread:


If for some reason you dont see your modules listed please post your complete part# and lot code.

To accurately find out which ICs are in which memory, the following is needed:

Part # Revision # Lot #

How To Read the Memory Label


That is where the question needs to be posted with the correct info, and that is where the answer will be posted. Being a sticky has nothing to do with how often Ram Guy posts there.

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