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Newb Alert: Help me understand what RAM I need


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Motherboard: A8V-E Deluxe


Hi, first time poster, long-time ASUS/Corsair user.


My system is running a bit sluggish and I want to add some ram.


I just took out the memory I have in my system right now, and this is what the piece reads:


Corsair TWINX


XMS 3200 512 MB 400 MHz CL2




1) My motherboard has four slots, and the RAM I currently have in there is the dual-channel kind. Is there anything wrong with buying another of the same exact thing that I have, meaning I would have 4 sticks of 512 RAM (two dual-channel setups)?


2) For Corsair memory, or in general, what is the significance, benefits/disadvantages of buying memory sticks with black heat spreaders versus platinum ones? Is one better than the other?


So I made it this far:




There are a total of five options for the 2 GIG combinations for my specific motherboard type.


So my questions are below:


3) Why is the TWINX2048-3200C2 the most popular, and is it the best (performance-wise) for my setup (price does not matter at this point).


4) Of the five total choices, which is the best and why?


TWINX2048-3200 PRO (most expensive)


TWINX2048-3200C2 (most popular)




Thanks in advance!

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