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Flash Voyager 2GB Installation & Use ??s


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Please forgive me if I'm using the wrong forum. I've had difficulty determining where to post this question.


I have a new Corsair Flash Voyager 2GB and am having a great deal of trouble understanding the computerese in the 105 user's manual, as well as following the very technical software installation wizard.


I think I may have installed okay (or not!) but I can't tell because I can't find information on how to get a Word document onto the flash drive.


Also, when following the wizard, it asked me to pick an open drive (page 6 of the User's Manual), so I picked the first one on the list: "F."


But when I plug the USB drive into my tower, drive "G" opens up and says it is the Corsair drive.


Further, I find I'm so intimidated by all the tech talk in the manual and on the wizard, I can't make much sense of any of this and need help badly.


Plus, I set up the password-but when I plug the flash into the tower, nothing asks me for a password.


All I want to use the Voyager is to download (or should I say upload??) a Word document onto it, bring the drive home from work, plug it into my home computer, add more text to the document, put it back on the Voyager, bring it back to work the next day, add more text, then take it home again.


Can anyone direct me to very, very, very user-friendly instructions on how to do all of this? I would be most grateful.


Thank you,


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