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******** DDR faster then Corsair dual channel - how could that be?


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Although it was a simple passmark test the playing ground is still equal. i have been running TWINX1024-3200C2PT in my asus A7N8X-E Deluxe board for over a year now. Plenty of blue screens and mem errors over the course. checked for over 24 hours with memtest at 6-3-3-2.5T and no errors many times. Just for giggles I picked up two ******** (how bout that! you cant say the name of another memory manufacturer hmmm i didnt realize that. well count the stars) D1GBPC32OPT 1 gig sticks and tossed them in and ran them in duel channel mode. they kicked corsairs butt. these things werent even manufactured in the same country as each other no less not being a matched pair and they still run fine and faster in DDR2 then DDR.


I ran the test over and over and over with so many different timings and bank slots that my wife said if she hears that blasted windows theme one more time "im gonna smash that thing!!" is her exact quote. Not once did Corsair win. seriously, ive tried everything


After all the reading that ive done on this great board of the problems people have trying to get this combo to be friends im convinced now that the board just does not like this memory.


mind you there is no aggression here or bad mouthing i really think that corsair makes the finest memory on the planet. i just picked the wrong board when building the system.




A7N8X-E Deluxe

Uber 1013

Athlon XP 3200+

******** D1GBPC32OPT (2 sticks DDR2 all auto settings)

Maxtor 200 SATA non raid

AIW Radeon 9600

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TWINX1024-3200C2PT and D1GBPC32OPT are both DDR1 packs, no DDR2 memory was mentioned, nor would DDR2 memory even run in that system. What are you looking at in terms of "speed"? Do you have actual numbers to post?


As for your issue, have you tried setting the memory voltage to the appropriate setting, e.g. 2.7x volts (warrantied up to, but not over, 2.90 volts)?


Also, what's Uber 1013, a modded BIOS based on the official 1013 release? If so, try using the latest official BIOS if the voltage change doesn't help.

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Thanks for the reply Wired:


Oh man, my bad ( palm to forehead ) let me correct DDR2 to Dual Channel Mode. That should make a lot more sense when I talk about the other companys sticks not even manufactured in the same country.


The Uber Bios is a modded version of official 1013 that cut down on errors and blue screens a lot.


I did bump the voltage to 2.8 but I didnt try 2.9.


As far as speed, well maybe i exaggerated the severity of the butt kicking a little but you have to remember i had no expectations of the testing to even be close no less corsair to be slower. please, again, there is no bad mouthing here, i would that corsair should stop recommending this module for use with this board. its just not worth the setup headaches when another module works faster, by a hair but still faster, with all auto settings.


Ive attached a shot of the final indexes from passmark which is a rating based on the same tests performed for each company. DC is Dual Channel and SC is Single Channel. For the Corsair the UD is User Defined ( 6-3-3-2.5T ) Dual Channel 2.8v. STD is all auto settings




Anyway, take it for what its worth, delete the whole thread if you will. like i said, i would like to see corsair take a closer look at their compatibility recommendations so when i build my next system i can be confident that corsairs high end stuff is the headache free choice.


PS If a mod could change the subject line DDR2 to DDR-Dual it will be more informative not to mention me look less goofy!

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