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Help Please To Pick Either the 520 or 620?


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PSUs have always been the weak link for me. I know according to the eXtreme Power Supply Calculator, I'm around 490W-500W.


I double checked the calculator and with the "Surge Compensation" and "Capacitor Aging" I put those on 25% which put my box at -----------> 502W.


Here are my box specs:



I know that I don't need 600Watts, but then the 520 doesn't seem to leave me much head room for upgrades.


Honestly I'll probably only add in another 120MM fan and a hard drive.


I guess with DX10 graphics there is no telling, but speculation sure makes it look pretty steep, so I guess when that time comes it sounds like high-end SLI boxes are going to need 800W-1KW, so planning at buying at this point for that far ahead isn't possible, because who really knows.


Also how is the fan noise, and reliability on the 520. I read the review at JohnnyGuru and I wasn't to impressed with the fan noise and buzzing he mentions in the review.



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