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darn !


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My system crashed, and would not go up,

so wound up replacing mem/mobo/cpu

now I have time, so ran memtest from bootable ISO and

1 of my matched pair sticks was bad ...



Started to fill out form for RMA,

and see that I need a post number ...



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Some actual information is needed. What CPU / FSB / Motherboard do you have?


What is the exact part # and revision # of each stick? Is it a TwinX pack?

How To Read the Memory Label


If you have more than one stick, have you tested one stick at a time in each slot using Memtest86+?


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Ok, I didnt add all the specs to my sys as now its parted out abit ;)


the 2 sticks have the same info on the lables,

cmx1024-3200c2 xms3202v2.2

xms3200 1024mb 400 mhz cl2 0601003-2


bought on Tue,10 Jan 2006 15:46:14 PST


and yes, i did run memtest86 from iso, 1 stick at a time,

firt stick took over 14 hours (unless It did it a few times)

but no failures


the second stick fails right off the bat.

(to be clear, slot 1 stick 1 passes, slot 1 stick 2 fails...)


it was on an asus k8v se delux with an AMD64 2800 or 3000

(Id have to pull the heat sink off to double check)

Im not certain what the FSB was, but it was not

overclocked, Its been a month since I was on that




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