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New 500 unit SHE NO WORKS


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Reservoir isn't bonded at the top. This means overfill = leak.


The pump isn't self priming - you need to prime it before use but the power light should be on. Double check the power connectors including that the Molex connector in the Computer PSU works.

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never could get it going RMA'ed back to zipzoom ... got new one it is working like a champ.



For the record corsair tech support NEVER got back to me.


Thanks for the help


That's a real bummer that tech support was a no-show in this matter. :sigh!:


Glad that you do have a working unit. What's your system specs and how well is it cooling the CPU?

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I have a dual core 2.66 running at 3.7 ghz.

I ran BONIC seti project for 24 hrs. cpu never went above 99 degrees F.

for those that do not know the seti software uses 100% of both cpus so it was a good stress test.(for the cpu anyway)

The rest of the system is

abit aw8d mb

2 gig pqi ram 4x 512

asus ati 1900 xtx cf ready

antec 550 ps

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