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A8n SLI Premium w/DDR500 -futureproofing


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I'm fairly new to computer building and overclocking. I just received the parts for my computer and am considering returning the 2x1024 XMS PC3200C2 for the PC4000 modules...the price isn't that much of a difference.


Until I learn how to overclock, will the PC4000 RAM easily work with my board? I've read that the memory will only run as fast as the FSB and will effectively run at PC3200 until I start overclocking.


Aside from any potential physical defects in my hardware, should I 'theoretically' be able to plug the PC4000 RAM into my mb and expect it to boot without messing with the timings?





AMD x2 3800

Asus A8N SLI Premium

2x1024 XMS 3200C2

eVGA 256 7900GT

550w psu

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