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HC 200 liquid


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Yes; you could use the Cool liquid in a 33% mixture. Or use polyethylene glycol (PG) automotive antifreeze in (I think) a 25% mixture. Read some of the previous posts. Kapt Krunch has answered this same question dozens of times.
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Just an FYI ---


The coolant mix for the HydroCool 200 also helps with pump lubrication. Using the COOL coolant will cause the Bosch pump to get louder in the HydroCool.


Doing a search in the fourms here, you will find the various PG coolants that the HydroCool works well with.


33% PG coolant (Propylene Glycol) typically the Sierra Brand

66% Distilled Water typically your local supermarket or Wal*Mart purple top cap brand.



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